We will be starting our journey in Croatia, however, there are plenty of countries we’re dying to see. 

Italy, Greece and Egypt are some of Ruth’s top destinations because she is fascinated by their respective ancient civilizations. So after Croatia we’re travelling to Rome to see the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the famous Trevi Fountain as well as enjoy some amazing pasta. 🙂

Greece will be next, and we’ll soak up the wisdom of the place where democracy was born as well as soak up some sun in this country’s gorgeous beaches and islands.

We also want to check out Romania and see Bran Castle, the place that inspired the story of Dracula (Andrew loves everything to do with the famous vampire), as well the famous Carpathian Mountains, and all of its medieval towns. 

After that, we’ll see where the wind takes us and keep you updated with every new destination.