Getting Started

Hi, everyone!

Welcome back to our blog!

As you know, Andrew and I have taken the leap and are planning our round the world trip. 

We are so bleeding excited! But first things first.

Before we can start our adventure, we’re doing everything we can to save as much money as possible, even though we will be working as we travel. We intend to do some Skype tutoring while we’re on the road so that we can earn a little bit of extra spending money. While that should be enough to keep us going out there, we want to start out with a decent-sized nest egg so that we don’t have to worry about it much and can spend the time really enjoying the experience. 

So, what are we doing to beef up our savings? The answer is selling everything! Yup, you read that right, we’re basically selling every single thing we own. We’re starting out by shedding all of the extra stuff we have lying around the house (and let me tell you, those things really do accumulate over time! Who knew we had this many knickknacks?), keeping nothing but the basics in a kind of spring cleaning of epic proportions! So if any of you are interested in some new furniture or some lightly used appliances, hit us up with a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Also, we are doing our best to cut back on our spending. We sat down and made ourselves a budget, cutting out all unnecessary spending and we’re sticking to it religiously. It’s amazing what being a smarter consumer will do to help your savings. If you’re interested, you can read more about this here.

Another thing Andrew and I have been doing is researching travel insurance and finding the one that’s best for us and what we need (of course we’re also looking for the best price we can possibly get). This is super important because some countries will have you turn back at the airport if you don’t have insurance. This is taking us a while, but we want to be sure we’re making the right choice. (If you have any suggestions for us, please leave a comment below and let us know!). 

We’re also checking out which vaccines we have to get and setting up appointments. It looks like with some of them we’ll need to get jabbed at least 4-6 weeks before we can travel, so we’re trying our best to make it all happen. There’s a couple of sites I’ve found that are helping us deal with all of this information (they’ll be on the Resources page) and we’re talking to our GP as well.

Finally, we’re looking for a couple of quality backpacks that will fit everything we need for this RTW trip and researching some travelling essentials we would not like to find ourselves without haha. Both Andrew and I prefer to pack light and buy the things we need as we go along, but there are some things that are absolutely necessary like a combination lock, a travel towel, a medical kit, etc. 

Anyway, those are just some of the things we’ve got going right now. We’ll keep posting updates and let you all know how things are moving along for us. 

As always, we welcome your advice and any suggestions you may have in the comments. If you’re an experienced RTW traveler we’d love to hear what you have to say. 

Thank you all for visiting our blog and stay tuned for more updates to come!


Andrew and Ruth. 


We’re actually going to do it!

Hi all,

Thank you for checking out our site.

So, as you probably know by now after years of umming and arrring, Ruth and I have decided to finally take the leap…

We’ve both taken a sabbatical from work and we’re going to travel around the world!

First stop. Croatia!

We’ll be sharing all our adventures on this blog. Stay tuned!

Here’s an awesome video we’ll be trying to follow. It’d be amazing if we could travel for as cheap as this guy!